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Welcome to the world of Sportives - these are events where we have signposted a variety of routes for you to take on. We do provide electronic timing however the events are not a race and you won't hear of us talking about a winner or who had the fastest time. The great thing about sportives is they are a great way to get into cycling. We provide regular feed stations and clearly signpost the route so you don't have to get stressed about map reading. The short routes are a great taster for you to get an idea of what this amazing cycling scene is about.


We use a system called Sportident - it is regularly used on Sportives so probably won't be strange to many of you. You will carry around a device called an SI-Card (sometimes called a dibber). We tend to put this on at registration and strap to your wrist. They cost £50 each so they are not disposable and we expect those who enter our events to look after them.

At registration we will have an example checkpoint so you can see how the system works. Pretty simple really. You will then find these checkpoint boxes at the Start / Finish and at each feed station. It is very important that you visit these checkpoints at the feed stations as these define which route you cycled. Getting animated at the finish swearing blind you just cycled 150 miles on a hybrid bike in 6 hours will raise a few eyebrows when your ticket says you only did 25 miles.

After you finish it's crucial for us that you go straight to the "download" here we will take your SI card and give you a printout of your time. Without this we will assume you are still out cycling.

If you retire, please go to the nearest feed station or finish and speak to a marshall. They will collect your SI Card and officially retire you from the event. If this is not possible then call the emergency number and let us know. We will otherwise assume you are still out on the course.

Feed Stations

We provide a variety of food at our feed stations (bananas/flapjacks/water/pies), to ensure you are fully fuelled to keep riding to the end of the route. We will publish details on where the feed stations are well in advance of the event. We try to station them around each 30 mile mark, so you will be able to tick off the miles till you get next get a bit food.

The Route

The route will be signposted using some very distinctive fluorescent arrows, we have a reputation of clearly signposting our routes as it's not in our interest for you to get lost. However you will also be given a map of the route at registration - it will be on plain paper so if the weather is not too kind you may want to bring something or put it somewhere where it will stay together.

In addition to the map we will also publish the route at least 2 weeks in advance on the website and provide a downloadable GPX files for those of you who use GPS devices on your handlebars or want to view your route in your own mapping software. A little plug - for us we use Anquet maps to plan all of our events. (There can often be last minute changes to the course due to road closures etc.. so there can sometimes be last minute changes, which you will always be made aware of.)

We're Here to Help

For more information or assistance, please email: click here

Safety Points

You will be riding on the open road alongside other traffic so it is essential for your own safety and that of all other road users that you comply with ALL TRAFFIC REGULATIONS.

Please ensure you obey any instructions given by the route marshal's and pay particular attention at traffic lights, roundabouts and difficult turns.

As we are providing back-up facilities we must insist that your supporters, friends and family do not bring any vehicles out on the route to follow you as this will create congestion and will be a danger to cyclists and other road users.

In the Event of an Accident - If you are involved in a serious accident requiring immediate medical attention then ring 999, then the emergency number number from Open Cycling. For minor injuries there are basic 1st Aid kits at each of the feed stations.

Riders' Code of Conduct - You will be riding on public roads, so you must obey Highway Code regulations. Any rider seen not complying with the code will be reported and may be subject to sanctions including being reported to the police and being banned from future events.

Litter - There will be litter and recycling bins at the event HQ and at feed stations. Please use them and don't drop any litter as it gives cyclists a bad name!

Final Check List - Don't forget!

  • Keep your event timing device safe.
  • Mobile Phone
  • A full change of warm and dry clothing.
  • Money for tea / coffee / food / kit.
  • To eat a healthy meal and to try and avoid alcohol the night before the event.
  • To eat something light and drink plenty of water prior to the event.