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Sportive - 25th June 2016

Seascale to Whitby

150 miles - 4500 metres of ascent

Type1's go Cycling

In 2016 I invited just over 20 cyclists to take part in the C2C in a Day for FREE, and I'm extending this offer again for 2017 to those with Type 1 diabetes. As someone who has Type 1 diabetes I wanted to provide the oppourtunity for fellow T1's to take on a ride that is pretty serious without the pressure of fundraising. I wanted the focus to be about showing friends and family what they can do even with a faulty pancreas.

Its not to say you can't fundraise rather the focus is on you and what you can achieve - its not about suffering for charity its about enjoying a long day out on a bike.

For 2017 we are also partnering with Leeds Met Uni, details are still being finalised but the objective is to learn from this unique experience of type 1's taking on this journey, they would be looking access BG data during the ride and with your consent take blood tests. I'm pretty sure you will learn a lot about yourself through this process with them.

Free yes it is free - HOWEVER we found in 2016, that free also equals easy to pull out in the weeks before. So if you decide NOT to do the ride in the month preceeding the event, by signing up now you commit to paying the full entry fee of £75.

Done it before 2016, you're welcome to come along again. In the future we may charge for those who have had a free entry but for 2017 I'd be happy to see you all again.

What next? please check out the website first - this is not your average cycle ride, its 150 miles over some very hilly terrain. Its not one to "give it a go" if you get to the start line you need to have every confidence of making the finish. You also need to have a road bike - no hybrids. Plenty of time to get yourself sorted but getting sorted is what you need to do.

If you have your head around that and not done one of our events before then sign up on the website here - you just need to click the button at the bottom to signup NOTHING else. Then email me james (at) your exact full name / email address used in the signup process.

Its worth liking the Open Cycling Facebook page here and joining the C2C in a Day Facebook group here - there is a T1's on Cycling Facebook group which we will add you to once signed up.

Note this is a free entry only, you will need to pay for any accomodation / travel that you need to attend the event.

Look forward to seeing you in Seascale.

James Thurlow
Event Director