Proposed Route Map and Notes

The Coast to Coast in a Day route below is subject to final planning, no road closures and the Windermere Ferry operating.

As you will see the planned route includes using the Windermere Ferry. On arrival at the ferry your ride time will stop and restart when you disembark at Ferry Nab. We do have a contingency route around the north end of Windermere if the ferry is not running.

There is a cut off at Tunstall for 17:00

You won’t be allowed to leave from Ingleby Greenhow after 18:00 without working front and rear lights (even if they are part of a group who do have lights).

Various files formats of the route are now available to download (hint: use right mouse and Save As):

WITH FERRY (planned 2021 route) – GPX file

No FERRY (backup) – GPX file

Note we can offer no support on installing GPX files on devices or opening these files. Having a route file on a device is not required to take on the ride, the route is comprehensively signposted and you will also be given a waterproof map (which the batteries don’t fail on!)

Miles Leg distance Cumulative
Seascale 0 0
Ferry 29 29
Kendal 10 39
Hardraw 25 64
Tunstall 24 89
Ingleby 33 122
Whitby 28 150