Open Adventure Privacy Statement

Introduction: Protecting your privacy is important to us, we base this statement on how we as competitors would appreciate our information being stored. We hope the following statement will help you understand how Open Adventure collates, uses and safeguards the personal information you provide to us.

What information is being collected online:

  • When competitors browse our website we record where they have been using "cookies" these help us understand which parts of the site work best and where people arrive and depart from. This information does not identify who you are.
  • If you register for the newsletter we collect your name and your email address. To manage our mailing list and to create the newsletters we use a website called Mail Chimp They have a frank and simple policy to managing our information you can find there privacy policy here just to reassure you.
  • To enter an event or to buy anything from us participants are required to register with us. We store your address and contact details, and also emergency contact details in case something nasty happens during an event. Your profile will also contain details of the events in which you have completed and your results from those events.
  • Participants are also required to enter medical details in to their profile. We store this information for 15 months after your last event with us, unless you are involved with an incident in which case these details are stored for 7 years.
  • Credit Card details for payment are only taken by our internet payment provider Sagepay - we do not see these details. You can see a copy of Sagepay's security policy here

What we do with your health data:

Your health data will be used to provide safe, effective medical care.

  • In order to do this it will only be shared with event staff who need access to it, to provide medical care or to maintain your safety and that of other participants during the event. Those event staff could include the medical team, and specific members of the event management team if an incident requires it (e.g. Managing an evacuation)
  • Your data may be share with other healthcare providers if your condition requires it (e.g. The ambulance service, coastguard, NHS providers)
  • We will anonymise your data and analyse this in order to assess our care provision retrospectively and for the future. This anonymised data may be used for educational purposes
  • We may specifically ask your consent to take photographs and to use your specific case in an educational context. This will not take place without your explicit additional consent.

How we use or share the information we collect:

  • We NEVER pass any contact details of our participants to sponsors or friends.
  • We do show our website statistics and statistics from our events to sponsors to show what we do.
  • We also maintain a copy of the database at events for emergencies.
  • We review statistics on our newsletter so we can make it more useful for readers and sponsors.

Choices available to participants regarding the marketing uses of the collected information:

  • If you wish to unsubscribe to the newsletter you can do so at anytime on our website here This form will send a confirmation to you that you have unsubscribed.
  • If you wish for us at anytime to delete your contact details from your profile please contact us and we will more than happily oblige within 7 working days.

How do we protect the information online?

  • All credit card processing is completed by Sagepay on their encrypted webpages.
  • Participant details and health data are stored on secure databases with documented and restricted access.

How you can contact us for inquiries about your information or our privacy policy?

  • You can contact us using the form on the website here
  • You can write to us here - Open Adventure, Clock Tower Works, Low Wood, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 8LY

This policy applies to all of the websites which Open Adventure manages including: | | | |