Transfer & Camping Details

We try to make this logistically as simple as possible for riders to take part. Hence we have a number of options for transfers.

Parking and Transfer at Chepstow – Coach Transfer to Caenarfon (£45) leaving at 1pm on Friday: Anticipated journey time: 5 hours.

Parking at St Johns on the Hill, Castleford Hill, Tutshill, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, NP16 7LE. The coach will depart from here.

Park and Ride – Chepstow

For the shuttle transfer all bikes must be in a bike box or cardboard box from a bike shop. We will not transfer bikes in bike bags. It’s the responsibility of the rider to pack their bike. Boxes should be substantial enough that they can be stacked vertically in a van. Max weight 20kg.

Cardboard bike boxes will be available at £16 each or when you arrive at the coach transfer. We recommend you also add some bubble wrap when packing your bike and bring a roll of parcel tape. These need to be added to your entry or purchased at the time of your entry. If you have ordered a bike box from Open Cycling this will be at Chepstow.

With regards to packing and bike boxes, you can go as far as you want, the basic would be, front wheel out, pedals and saddle off, handlebars out. However it is generally advisable to at least remove the rear mech as well. Bring lots of packing tape for sealing your bike box.

To make things easier we are asking all transfer riders to pack their kit inside their bike boxes. This means you only have one item to search for at either end. We understand if you have a super size tent this might not fit. No worries, we can label this and transfer it separately. Bike box and luggage labels will be available at registration.

All those who have booked onto the transfer will get their boxes transferred. If you require your bike box moving please get in touch asap and we can make the necessary arrangements. Please contact us if you wish to get your bike box transported from Caernarfon to Chepstow and haven’t booked onto the coach transfer.

Dogs, campfires and BBQs are not permitted at either site.

Overnight locked bike storage at Caernarfon and Chepstow is for riders who have booked camping. If you are not camping we cannot look after your bike you will need to take it with you to your accommodation.

Camping at Caenarfon (£10) is at the Rugby club (tent camping). Toilets and hot showers available.

Bag collection and camping (£10) at St Johns on the Hill School Chepstow (in the hall – no tent camping). Toilets and hot showers available. We are offering you the option to camp within the School hall.