How many do I do need for a Group or Club Entry

The minimum number of riders for a group or entry is 8 – full details here.

Photo ID at registration

This can be anything that is suitably recent, official, authentic and more than something that only your Mum would recognise. Examples are photo driving licence / travel pass / work ID / student ID.

So it can’t be a selfie pasted on to a business card! Also the name needs to match your registered entry.

The reason is that whilst we have a pretty cool insurance company, they do ask that we know who everyone is on the event.

Please don’t try to wing it at registration… No photo id = No go!

As this Sportive is restricted to 18 years old and over, if you are fortunate enough to look younger than your years, then we’ll need to check your ID to confirm your age too. Again please don’t try to wing it.

When should I register?

Friday – 5pm -10pm at Caernarfon Rugby Club, Park Lodge, The Park, Caernarfon, LL55 2YF
Saturday – 4am – 5am at Caernarfon Castle – Eagle Basement, Castle Hill, Caernarfon, LL55 2AY

Please try and register on Friday so your start is not delayed on Saturday morning.

Parking for supporters – start drop-offs and finish:
At Caernarfon  On Saturday morning please use the Harbour Trust Car Park on Slate Quay. The Trust is supporting the event by opening the car park at 3.00am especially for rider drop offs and will be charging a reduced fee of £3.00. We wish to prevent parking congestion around the Castle so please park in the Harbour Car Park.
At Chepstow limited parking is available at the finish at St Johns on the Hill School, a small fee will be charged to go towards school funds.

Are we allocated start times?

No, start times are not allocated so you can choose when to start between 4am and 6am.

How long will it take me?

We anticipate a fast time to be around ten hours. We hope everyone will be in within 20 hours!

Do I need lights?

Yes – and ones that can light up an unlit road in the countryside. Please check battery life and maybe carry a spare, you will start in the dark and possibly finish in the dark.

Is the event insured?

Open Adventure has public liability insurance to cover such events. This however does not cover personal injury; if this is of concern we would recommend that you take out personal insurance to cover all eventualities.

Am I fit enough? Really?

This is a hard event, if you are really asking you may want to have a good think before entering!

Will I have to navigate?

The route will be fully signed along its entire length. It may however to wise to familiarise yourself with the general route prior to departure. We will provide a waterproof road map of the route.

Can friends and family support on route?

As we are providing back-up facilities we must insist that your supporters, friends and family do not bring any vehicles out on the route to follow as this will create congestion and will be a danger to cyclists and other road users. We are keen to encourage support at the start and finish.

If you wish your supporters to see you on route please see this page

Please do not try and meet at any of the other feed stations, parking is limited and the approaches are on narrow roads and rider safety is of primary importance.

Do I need to bring food?

There will be food provided at food stations, if however you have any particular requirements it may be best to bring what you need or require.

Does the transfer go back to Caenarfon on Sunday?

No, there is no transfer on Sunday.

How big is a bike box?

Ideally your bike will be a standard size ie: 140cm x 180cm x 30cm

What about camping?

Caernarfon – tent camping at the Rugby Club, Park Lodge, The Park, Caernarfon, LL55 2YF.

Chepstow – camping in the school hall – shared with other riders (no tent camping available) -The school address is: St Johns on the Hill, Castleford Hill, Tutshill, Chepstow, NP16 7LE.

Are you on Strava?

Yes we are, you can find our club here.