Club / Group Entry

Group / club entries (8 or more) for the Wales in a Day.

  • 15% off the entry fee
  • Consistent club / team name on results

To take advantage of this you will need to first register here. Then contact us via the website with how many entries you would like to buy, including the name and address details for the invoice. We will send you an invoice which you need to pay in full (single payment) by either cheque or BACs payment.

We will then load up on to your profile X number of entries which you can then allocate to club members (they need to have registered on our site here) this needs to be done within 2 weeks of payment. Each rider will need to accept the event T&C’s before appearing on the start list.

All rider allocations, acceptances, transfers and camping to be completed and booked by end of June.

In 2013 C2C in a Day event, we had a significant number of riders following the route during event who had not paid. We can not stop this but would politely ask they do it on a different weekend, however we do take umbridge when they are wanting food / medals etc.

The majority of these people were riders from clubs. It seemed that fellow club members had got into the event, but they missed out and thought they would just tag along. We would appreciate your support by not allowing this and encouraging your members to use this discount system.

  • Just to be clear if a member of your group has entered as an individual this will not count as one of the minimum of 8 or will we retrospectively issue them with a 10% credit. We can however move this individual over to the group entries and change the team / club name to be the same as yours.
  • Refunds – dread the thought that one of your team changes their mind and wants a refund. We will issue a refund minus the admin fee as set out in the terms and conditions. However we can not do this if it brings your team total below 8. If below 8 and want a refund then we would cancel the whole team / group entry.
  • Adding members, if after you have submitted your request for a team entry and there are spaces available you want to add riders then its a new application and there has to be a minimum of 8 riders for the new invoice.

Thanks again for your support.

James Thurlow
Event Director

Please note refunds can only be sent to whoever made the original payment. After the entry is allocated to the particpant they can login and add any extras like camping and transfers.