We designed this event to be unsupported – there is plenty of food at the feed stations. Our recommendation is if you are supporting a rider is to enjoy North Wales and head down to Chepstow. However if you really must then please read on.

We have put together a recommended route for support vehicles on the Wales in a Day, along with some locations to catch up with your riders. A number of the feed stations do not have much in the way of parking yet they offer the best places for the route. Please do not go to these locations – without being rude you are not welcome here by us or the local people. We will not be releasing any post codes for these feed stations.

We have created this google map to help you

Click here to open full screen version.

The red line is the event route, blue route is the one we would like you to use. Please do not go on the event route – even if your Sat Nav tells you to do so!!

  1. Caernarfon to Bala, please do not go via Conwy Falls or Pen Y Pass, rather go via Porthmadog (can get a Coffee here!). In Bala our feed station is in the Gorwelion Centre – please feel free to use the carpark. You won’t have access to the actual feed station – food is for riders only. Please don’t ask staff “do you know where is X” think about making sure you can track riders yourself.
  2. Bala to Newtown, resist the urge to follow the route and go via Welshpool. In Newtown suggest using Back Lane Carpark SY16 2NH – riders will need to make sure they know where this is – on entering Newtown and River its on the right.
  3. Newtown to Abergavenny, Sat Nav’s will have you following the route – please do not! or go to the next feed stations or go over Gospel Pass – Go via Llanidloes – In Abergavenny our suggestion is to use the Waitrose Carpark NP7 9LL- be courtous and buy some Strawberry’s and Cream. This is before the last feed station and just outside of Abergavenny. Worth riders keeping this in mind..
  4. Abergavenny to Finish, go via Raglan. Please avoid going through Chepstow and go round on the bypass to St Johns School.

There will be visitor parking at the school, there will be a small fee to go towards school funds

We appriciate you supporting this event by not driving along the route we have marked for riders.